Lighting bolts across the sky,
you can't escape from Odin's peering eye,
All of us sinners begin to cry,
Knowing that it's time to die!
Lighting bolts across the clouds,
As they part, there stands the mighty god with his crown,
Judgement has come, so does beat the war drum,
The ground molten hot,
this not the fate we sought,
You can't escape from him, our future looks dim,
Our fate is sealed,
We have broken the deal,
As the fires roar!
It so does rattle my soul to the core,
Looking up at the sky,
I let out a heavy cry!
Odin's reaper decsends from the sky!
Harvesting those that would,
In this lifetime, cause a dark mood,
There is no escape he knows all,
As he sends a mighty bolt from the sky,
The thunder roars,
As if a heavy sigh,
Odin is always watching,
I cannot escape,
I have sinned to this very date,
As the mighty blade of the reaper closes in,
I regret evrey sin.