Hey guys well I am a fellow musician and know how hard it is to do what you guys are doing. First of all I think your instrumentals are really good, the guitar parts are creative and catchy. Secondly, I think the melodies and lyrics of the songs are good. Third, I liked the arrangements of your songs.
The thing that needs the most work is the vocals. The pitch needs a little work and I know this is hard to change unless you get a new singer, but he really needs to expand his range if you guys wanna go anywhere.
Good luck and keep up the work.

As a fellow musician , all i can say is my stomach is churning . This would only serve as a brick in the model of an industry which takes the word music out of the music industry. a paradigm for stupidity ? Masquerade ..... Masquerading as a rock band.

Given the high school gimmick(probably with fake introvert personalities) ,you'd probably believe the above comment would be an example of the 'how much shit you'll take' and incorporate it with the theme.

I'd hate to be stereotypical , issuing you the title of 'a trio with broken hearts' as I haven't read the lyrics but I'll let all the thinking be done by you.