Well, I'm finally getting rid of things I said I would a good few months ago. List:

Squier affinity P-bass body
- About 4 years old.
- Silver sparkle finish (like Flea's signature bass, but smaller flakes)
- There is a large patch where the finish has been removed, the effect of a sticker that didn't want to come off. Also, a lot of minor dents and chips in the paintwork in various places.
- Basswood body, so it's lightweight.
- Scratchplate included.
- I'd guess this would be good for a project, as the basswood doesn't have a bad tone, and with the state of the finish it's probably good practice for refinishing.

Squier affinity P-bass neck
- The neck that goes with the above body, and has a matching finished headstock (minus dents/patches.)
- Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard as usual.
- Machineheads included.
- The maple grain on the back is surprisingly attractive for a Squier. However, it does have a few minor dents in (not sure how they got there...)

Squier P-bass pickup set
- Yeah, you guessed right - the electronics that go with the above parts.
- All pre-soldered.
- No knobs included.

EMG P-bass pickup set
- Active EMG set, about two or three years old now.
- Complete circuit included, pre-soldered so it should be easy to fit into a regular P-bass.
- No knobs included.

Custom Telecaster body (Luthier-made)
- Ash body apparently - looks to me more like 1/3 ash, 2/3 alder but I'm not completely sure.
- Body is unfinished with a few blue stains, as I bought it with the intention of refinishing it but got a bit bored along the way.
- Floyd Rose bridge route.
- Humbucker route at the neck.
- Regular tele pickup route at the bridge.
- Regular tele control cavity.
- Sanded-down neck joint.

Swineshead Condor Neck Pickup
- All white.
- All poles are screw-topped.
- Used for about 2 months, fitted to a guitar once.

I don't really have an idea of the prices for these, so please feel free to offer. Pics will come if there's any interest.

PS. I've probably forgotten a load of stuff as well, I'll update the list if I remember things.
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Shush :| I will get pics up and put these on eBay soon, and finally do something with them - they've just been lying around for ages.
Right, I've stopped procrastinating! Pics of the tele body:

Sorry about the wait, Graphics coursework has finally caught up on me.
You wouldn't be interesting in trading the squier parts for my yamaha pacifica guitar project would you? The finish is down to the wood, ready to be primered and painted. I have everything to get it working. It's got a HSH pickup combination. Vintage trem, with bar included. Pickups are black with mounting rings. All electrics included. Well everything to get it up and working. I have the amp that came with it too, a 10 watt yamaha GA10. Got the neck, with tuners. The actual product is a yamaha ERG121 but it's just a HSH pickup combo yamaha pacifica. Could get some pictures if your interested.

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Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather have cash for the parts at the moment. Unless, of course, anyone has a Trace Elliot amp going cheap