hi, mostly when you gotta mute something i just hit the strings softly with my hand above the pick-ups but whe you got somethin like this for an example:


(played at a pretty fast pace)

would you HAVE to palm mute it?

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with x's i think you're supposed to mute with your fret hand, but I sometimes palm mute it at the same time because it makes it sound better with high gain
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try pulling your fretting fingers off the strings a little as if you were going to do harmonics and strum like normal, the harmonics might actually come out but most often itll just sound muddy and muted
depends really what song it is.

if it's a slow song, i might mute them with my right hand but if it's more funkier, i'd keep my right hand strumming up and down and keep hitting the strings and keep my left hand so it can push down on the frets then lift it up quickly to play the notes and put it back down to mute them.