i know u get a new thread about this everyday but i still can't find a good guitar that suits my needs. I like red hot chili peppers, rage against the machine and pearl jam. i'm not into metal and i like the more "melodic" type of music. Im looking for a guitar for around $200 bucks. If u can suggest something cheaper that would be better. Thanks for the help.
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I agree - I have an Agile 2000 Black Beauty and love it. You'll not find anything for that price that quality.
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its your first guitar. you will not get the sound you want. it is near impossible. chances are you can't tell one tone from another anyway.
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Also a good idea is to go to local music stores and see what they have that are used. My first guitar was an Ibanez S470. I got it for like 250 bucks and it still sounds great to this day (bought it in 1995). I say get one that is used and ask the salesman to help you find one based on the tone you want.
A guitar with a mixture of singles and hums would be necessary if you like both metal and softer things.

Squier '51, some lower end Ibanez, and make sure you check used as well. My top recommendation would be the Squier '51 if you're buying new.
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I have no problem recommending the Ibanez GSA60. It has the typical crappy trem of any $220 guitar, but on mine the finish is beautiful and the tone and sustain are nice...nice and acoustic-sounding with the single coils. Does not look or feel cheap IMO. The agathis body is not really a big deal for a beginner guitar...people here make a bigger deal out of than it really is...beats the plywood low-end guitars IMO.

If I had to do it over agin, though, I'd have considered a used guitar off ebay...could gotten an RG321 for less than I paid or a used RG550/570 for a tad more than I paid for my GSA60.

I really wanted something new, and I wanted it right away, so I don't regret my choice...
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