I know, it's another one of those 'which bass' threads.

But has anyone played on either of these?

The Fender Aerodyne P-Bass Special


The Schecter C-4 4 stringer

Seriously looking into buying one of these, so any suggestions or reasons why to pick either would be helpful.

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simple. Try them, play them, see which you like better. then get that one
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The Aerodyne definitely! The Aerodyne Jazz bass is amazing, I didn't know they made a P-Bass. It is undoubtedly sex with strings. Get it.
The Aerodyne P-Bass is fantastic. One of the guitar shops around here has a navy blue one for sale, and it sounds refined and plays very nicely.

The Schecter C-4 is very meh. It sounds nice, but not exceptional. And every one I've played so far has had some sort of defect (usually poor fret jobs, sometimes shoddy electronics).
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

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simple. Try them, play them, see which you like better. then get that one

+1, try em out at your local music store (although preliminary surveys aren't bad.)
Hey thanks for the help, I was leaning towards the Fender, the schecter just got me on looks, and well the price. But I'm not too far away from that 699 though.

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