Im finally finished with my guitar and im's satisfied especially since i only used autocad to draw these.

Psst... I've seen better

Pro desktop, I never seem to know how to work that, but I know one girl in particular who just kicks ass at it. I'll find images if you want.

EDIT: Sorry, I sounded a bit harsh. Your work is actually really really good.
woot for random 3d pics of stuff
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it would come out far clearer for the pics if you used print screen instead of a digital camera, u can see the flash
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Good stuff. I've used Autocad. The 3D function is a jerk to use. I'm impressed.
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Great picture except.... whats up with the frets?
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how many frets does that guitar have? 40?
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press prt scr/sysrq right about insert key to take a photo of the screen
good job
It's nice, but I have to say there are easier ways to take a screenshot of your desktop than taking a picture of the computer screen with a camera and then downloading the file from the camera.
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3DS MAX > That.

I thought SG's had like, triangular edges if you get what I mean.

But it's good, I had a go at doing one and couldn't get the triangular edges right, so I can't blame you for that.
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well this took me a while but this drawing taught me a lesson. Never use autocad. 3d Max, Maya and rhino are some of the best out there.