So as a late christmas present, my dad bought me a fender hotrod deville 4x10 . Personally i think it sounds kick ass with my fender standard strat. But before i got it i had never even heard of it. So my question is do you know of any professional players that use it? Opinions?
i saw one of the guys from ok go using it...and a picture of stevie ray vaughn using one
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Congrats and welcome to the Hot Rod family.

I personally don't know of any well knowns that pay that amp, but that doesn't mean its not good. Just be prepared for the barage of "Fender distortion sucks" posts you will certainly encounter. It seems nothing can satisfy the well-groomed taste of the teenage metal wannabe.

But, if you are into blues or classic rock style sounds you need go no further. If at some point you want a different or perhaps heavier sound I recommend the Goove Tubes Power Reducer kit, it changes the 6L6 power tubes out for lower-gain EL-84s, its like getting a whole new amp (really)

Well, good luck with it.
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Thanks man ... Yeah im not into the whole metal scene i play mostly classic rock, some blues stuff, and newer rock like RHCP. Yeah the distortion is no marshall but for what i use it for i think it sounds amazing. Hard to believe i have never heard of this amp before i got it. It is deffinatly one of the best sounding i have personally played out of.
My brother has that amp and it is simply the tits. You just can't beat fender cleans. The overdrive is pretty damn good too. I heart tubes.
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