Yes chords are a pain, in my hand.

I've been playing for 10 months and have avoided chords like the plague, but I can play decent metal/hard rock stuff with no problem. But chords are so hard for me to do, I am practicing of course, but still... a pain.

Anyway, any specific advice on different methods (hand position, rock vs. classical, thumb, finger bending, etc...) that any of you all could give me?

And for your entertainment, I will tell you this came up because I decided to "diversify" out of my headbanging to learn "Good Riddance" by Green Day.

try to keep your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck...it hurts, but keep trying....
also a good idea to memorize chords and get faster at fingering them etc is to finger a chord. then slowly raise your fingers above the strings, then press back down, keep repeating. also put your hand on your knee or away from your guitar, then in one fluid motion try to place it in a chord on the guitar.
Who dat?
Thanks for the advice, the hand removing idea is interesting, I'll try it out. What about for barres? Similar problems, but should the thumb be in the middle for those as well? Can't turn my index on its side like some people either.