so im modding my strat, and instead of using the stock pickguard and all that im got a nite new pearloid, but if im instally Lace Sensors, what kind of pots are better, 250k or 500k
im going to use 2 tone 1 volume set up
what is the difference between each?
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um... i know 500k are better for humbuckers, because they keep it cleaner i think- something like that

but for single coils, i fyou want a more vintage tone- you use 250 k pots- it rolls of more treble i believe.

ans most pups say wat they work best with. but you can look on www.stewmac.com they tell you the diff a little better than i can explain

here ya go- "Your tone is affected by the control pots you use. Not just the tone control — the volume pot influences tone, too.

250K vs. 500K pots
250K pots give a slightly warmer tone than 500K because the 250K bleeds off some of the high frequencies.

250K = warmer
500K = brighter
1 Meg = brightest

Usually, 250K pots are used with single-coil pickups and and 500Ks are used with humbuckers. If you want to hear your guitar "wide open" with all the highs, try 1 Meg pots.

25K pots are used with active systems. "
The higher the number behind the pot the more treble you get. Typically you want a 250 for single coils, 500 for humbuckers and 1M for high output humbuckers.
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250K pots bleed off the treble tones. So with a 500k pot you will get a brighter sound, with a 250k you will get a warmer sound. Due to the humbuckers inherent warmness, 500k are usually used to keep it reasonably unmuddy. That being said, you can use whatever you want with anything.
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