I have been checking out some youtube videos on people playing slap+pop bass and I think it's fun to learn something new to change things up. Also, when I went out to buy my first amp (cube 30 heh) I saw some older dude playing the bass in the shop, I was like... WOOOAH that guy is siiiiickk !!!

So is should i just try to learn slap guitar on the electric? Is it possible slap and do "popping" on the electric?

Where can I start? Recommend any free E-books or something ?
emm... there's really very little to learning slap and pop if you know how its done, i picked it up in about a week, but on the electric you'll find that the strings detune fast and have a fairly high rate of snapping, and it just sounds like you're using a pick, but really hard. if you want that classic slap and pop sound, you're just gonna have to get a bass
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yeah slap and pop isnt great on a guitar
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