I've been playing around 11 months and have Carpal Tunnel. What would you guys rate my playing on a scale of 1-10 for playing this long with Carpal Tunnel? It's really difficult for me to keep playing, but eventually I'll have surgery on my wrists and get it taken care of, that's why I'm not quitting. Sorry if this is the wrong section.


Edit: Sorry, the video keeps going available and unavailable randomly... And sorry for the people who look at my profile and have to see that Michael Jackson looking person that randomly subscribed to me...

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Amazing. Carpel tunnel and able to play like that.

I salute you, sir. I wish you greatest luck with surgery.

Respect +50.

Looks alright man. Your real, at least you not like other kids who brag about how good they are and nothing to show for it. I also give you "a solid 8."
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It's not working for me

EDIT: Its working now. Awesome for 11 months and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hope the surgery works out.
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The playing is pretty good, but that style of music I just can't do. Nothing personally.
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i hate that band,but you did a good cover,you have good skill,im happy most of your guitar covered that dudes singing,he sux ass bad....keep playing,i give ya an 8,and good luck with surgery,i have broken both of my wrist and ive been playin for 2 yrs,and i still kant play for no more than 2 hrs straight without taking a hour break or sumpthan,it puts major stress on them,...
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Yeah, honestly, not a fan of that music. But nonetheless, great job playing man, especially only playing less than a year.
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Great playing, and that's pretty awsome that you're playing w/ Carpel tunnel. 9.
Wow, I didn't expect responses like these! Thanks guys, really motivating!
I started stretching before playing after I broke my wrist. It pays off and enables me to play longer without any pain in said wrist. Not my type of music, but sounds nice, especially with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
I liked it. I like that song too... :ashamed:

Nice work

Edit: By the way if you used a tab for that, do you have the link to it?
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I give ya an 8. I don't play that good yet, I've been playing for around that time. No carpel tunnel here.
people who post threads like this instantly suck
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people who post threads like this instantly suck

nice one jerkass,i thought it was really good, hope that surgery works out for you =] nice video
sorry to be a noob, but does carpal tunnel make your fingers like stiff/harder to move or just cause pain?
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^I think the one with the pain is arthritis. CT is pain/stiffness combined or something, I'm not too sure either.
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