How much different is the GT-6 from the GT-8?
My friend has the Gt-8 and the sounds he gets out of it is impressive. Especially the crunch and distortion. Does the Gt-8 just have more variety and options than the gt-6 or what?
My GT-8 is amazing. So much distortion tones and preamp channels, its amazing. I love the sound and Im playing through a solid state amp! It has so many features you wont know what to do. Go to a Guitar Center and ask to try one out.
I have played on both a gt-8 and a gt-6 at my practice space, and I personally prefer the GT6. I think the reason I prefer it is because I had it for much longer than I had been borrowing my friends gt-8 and was already familiar with the 6' and how it operates.

The gt8 and 6 both have great effects/preamp/od models, although you can find the gt6 for less than you will pay for the 8. I originally sold my gt6 and SS combo amp to buy my 5150, then later found a used gt6 with a Road Ready ATA carrying case for only $200 at guitar center, so naturally i grabbed it I missed my baby!

Both floor units are wonderful and they easily earn my recommendation.
I downloaded a .exe once, opened it, and it pretty much nailed my computer, and yes, by nailed I mean, got it's **** out and shoved it in my computers ass.
The gt-6's price is much more appealing to me than spending 500bucks on the gt-8. I'll see if i can get my hands on one. Thanks for the input.