hey, i was wondering how all you song writers out there start writing? do you write lyrics or the music first. im having trouble getting started?!
If every simple song i wrote
would take your breath away
i'd write it all
u write the music and find the lyrics that suit it, simple, and only write music when ur alone and have no distractions so your emotionally IN the songwriting mood
u write the music first and find the lyrics that suit it, simple, and only write music when ur alone and have no distractions so your emotionally IN the songwriting mood
true, you can write them seperatly and then when you have good lyrics look into your collection of work and find music that suits the lyrics or vise versa. it's hard to write music for words when that your focus. the best way to write is to drift off into something and that is usually some good and useful music. it is very hard to force a song out of yourself. try writing at late hours of the day too. i write at 3am and things just seem to flow then.
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hey ya, ill try by writing the music first cause i usually do the lyrics first, maybe thats my problem! lol! one more thing, this might seem kinda obvious, but how do you know what to write about?
If every simple song i wrote
would take your breath away
i'd write it all
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u write the music and find the lyrics that suit it, simple, and only write music when ur alone and have no distractions so your emotionally IN the songwriting mood

Eh, the best song i've written I wrote the lyrics first

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Threadstarter, just go with the flow. If you plan on making a catchy song that people would like, i'd advise writing the lyrics first because thats what most people are listening to.

If you're going to write something awesome and musical then write the music (obvioulsy ), just come up with some cool stuff that sounds good together and make a song out of it
fiddle about with some chords, then ask the band what they think and see if they can come up with something to go with it

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Lyrics first for me. You can make the parts where you sing be musically simple on guitar/bass/whatever and add in little funky parts between chords, at the end of lines or between sections in the song to add musicality.
For me, I either start with a melody or an idea. Explaining: sometimes I'll have a melody in my head I really like and want to write down. So I do that, then work on turning that melody into a proper riff or two, expand it until I have something close to a song - then see if I can fit any lyrics with that. The second case, is I'll decide I want to write a song about something (or someone), then it's more guided by how I feel about the subject I'm working on, more often than not I'll start with a lyrical idea of sorts then, a chorus or a verce, and then add music to it - but sometimes it just means trying to find a melody in a certain key and with a special 'feel' to it.

I never have any trouble getting started though. I don't ever have to try to write a song, I actually never have time to write down ALL of the melodies and ideas I'd love to put into music.
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i usually meditate before i write.... it clears my mind and then when im done the first thing that comes to mind is normally the best thing to write about, even if its about something stupid, it will help develop skills..

as for what to write first, i honestly don't know, it just depends on what you have.. if you've got this kick ass guitar riff then put some lyrics to it.. and if you have the lyrics and have an idea of how you want the song to go, just hum a melody or chord progression and hopefully you can come up with something.. its a hard process and even big bands like metallica don't know what to do.. it happens
i didnt feel like reading the last few posts but, you can try either way... idk if u like bands like chiodos, but they write lyrics and music seperatley... then fit teh words randomly in the way they want them.. if u listen to their music you'll notice theres not really a exact way he says teh words or anything, its all jsut random and everything.
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i would agree with the posts near the top, write the music first. I let the chords write themselves really, just what comes naturally as a progression. Then I sing what comes into my head, that mixed with some thought to get my rhyming right (you cant have ur head in the clouds for the whole thing like some crack smokin hippy, although i do try my damndest!!)

Of course this is a personal thing, trial and error for yourself til you find what works for you.
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how my band does it, mainly me (bass & vocals) and a guitarist write most of it. We generally just bring in riffs or chord progressions we made on our own, and start jamming in on it. Then we'll make a simple recording of the main parts and ill write a vocal part and lyrics to it.
i sometimes do them seperately. like ill write lyrics then sometime while im playing around with a riff ill see something i wrote going good with it so i just rework it a bit.
I prefer goinging lyrcis first. I feel it allows me to be more creative in my writing. So if a song is written in and is supposed to be sung aggresive, metal, screamo, ect, I'm not going to work with a lot of full chords, so using 7th's 9th's ect won't really make sense, where as using power chords will.

And then just the opposite, a moving song should have real complex chord progressions, not just going C, G, Am, G, and repeating.

If I do the music first, it never seems to fit, like I'll write a thrash song, then the lyrics will be all sad and such.
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My band is weird, to me, anyway. We write in just about every way. Sometimes it starts with a lyrical line, that the singer will just chant while we build a riff around it. Sometimes a riff will inspire a lyrical melody.

There are times that either the guitar player or I will bring in a fully-composed, totally finished song and just throw the sheets at the appropriate players. Thankfully, our drummer can actually read notation. Other times, we'll just start to jam and something will burst out that, almost fully-formed.

Some of the most interesting ideas come from mistakes, though. I was trying to nail a riff from some Black Label Society tune (can't remember which one at the moment) and kept screwing it up. The guitar player caught on to what I was playing, and started to go along with it, and then the drummer jumped in. Twenty minutes later, we had a new tune put together.

Still, my favorites are the tunes born from spontaneous jams. For some reason, those just seem to work the best. They're based more on feel than on being technically perfect, so as long as it all feels good, we're golden.

Tomorrow we're going to try to write lyrics for a couple of songs that don't currently have any. We've recorded the drums, bass and guitar, and we're going to sit around and drink and write lyrics until something fits. Then, since our singer's going to be here, he's going to take a stab at recording. He's never done that before, so he's a bit nervous.

I'm sure the beer will help calm his nerves.

you can do it either way but i advise do the lyrics first, cuz if i do the music first, the singing sounds waayyy too much like the guitar.... but thats just us..

do it when ur in a goood mood, and as for the meditating part up there, um I just have to say one thing ot that guy up there: Treehugger. Write about an issue thats in your head, or write about a personal experience. Or maybe something funny, with a tuonge in cheek attitude. either way keep it real and you cant please everyone with a song, Like so says Fall out boy.
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well i always write the lyrics first, it also helps if you do it in a comfortable enviroment, i write most of my lyrics when im in my social studies class at school. Then when i get home i start playing around, i come up with some cool riffs, and then i make them fit the vocals.
Write the lyrics separately then just jam and come up with something you could put the lyrics to. Sounds simple but it isn't.