hey, i was just wondering how all you song writers out there get started? do you write the lyrics or music first!? im having trouble getting started?!
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I'm pretty sure there is a thread for stuff like this.

But anyway, I write the lyrics first. I feel like if I write the melody first than my lyric writing is inhibited because I write for that melody only. Also, I have an easier time translating my mood into music if I have the words first.

EDIT: Well since your here could you please check out my latest lyrics?

Thanks. And if you read the original version make sure to scroll down to the revised edition.
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I write the music first then i write the lyrics that suit it, if i write something mellow it ends up being a love song or something, but if its fu**ing heavy, ill do something that involves screaming
Ahhh FFS

please,please,please read the FAQ - Then try the Lyrics Tips Thread.
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