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my experience is limited, but the original Gibson Goth SG is awesome. I love the look of it and it's very playable.
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I'm wearing my batman outfit to school tomorrow. Only problem is, the legs are spandex. So, my balls competely stand out. Is there ANY possible way around this?

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like my band wants to have like kickass nick names. names like synyster gates etc.
I haven't played one and never will, but a Motor Ave McQueen would be mine.
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Fender Telecaster because its a rock n roll staple and unbeatable.

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I look up to you now. I'm serious, I have more respect for you than most Ugers!
Forgot the why part... It's lightweight, so great for long gigs, the body wood is nice and resonant, the neck is thin and fast, but not as thin (too thin) as the wizard IIs. Pulled the stock Q4 bridge pickup and put a DiMarzio Evolution in there.. It rips.
The Flying V. Once you get used to its shape, you'll find that it's one heck of a guitar.

Les Pauls are overrated imo.

how long until someone whips out the wangcaster?
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This is the funniest thing i've ever read on UG.
lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
Ibanez Artist 2617. Absolutely beautiful

I don't see how anyone could think differently
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i say both. you always have the option to not use the pedal at all but it will still be there like that obsessed chick you took to homecoming and never called again, sitting there waiting for your call. so yea both
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Definatly..... They have stood the test of time.... A HUGE proportion of the best guitarists use them..... Hendrix, Blackmore, Clapton, Gilmour, Knophfler, Malmsteen, SRV..... The list never ends
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Whichever model i'm currently G.A.S.sing over. That would mean right now, a Fender 60's strat. In candy apple red. HAWT
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For the cost of a Mesa Roadking, I could alternatively purchase Belgium.
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One best guitar ever? Oh no this will not do at all. One must have at least a dozen, and a similar array of amp head and stack combos. And that's just what goes in the road container on tour.
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One best guitar ever? Oh no this will not do at all. One must have at least a dozen, and a similar array of amp head and stack combos. And that's just what goes in the road container on tour.


I'd have a Fender American Deluxe HSS Strat, sunburst, rosewood fretboard, black pickguard, white hardware. Owch.

I'd probably run that through an AC30.

And then another one, with a DiMarzio Evo bridge, and some hot rails in the neck and middle.

Running through a Fallen Angel 212.

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Gibson ES-335

Do I need a reason?

agreed I got to play Lucille ES-345 at the Volt in london, I was origionaly playing Jimmy Hendrix's fly V, and the gard was like "I bet you wana have a go at BB.Kings Guitar" and I was like "YEA!", its the one he used in Chicago.

Really nice guitars, I'm also a fan of Gibson Les Paul Standards 1958 plain top or a 1959 Gold top.

But I cant afford them so its going to have to be my 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50 neck, because I love it and play it to death every day.
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les paul.
standard, custom, and classic.

they are superior to any other guitar.
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your avatar rules
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Jem 7V is better
555 is the cheap rip-off ^^

Anyway, an Ibanez RG (with trem)
Ummm, some flying Vs are pretty cool.
PRS Custom 24 (the Artist pack in Tortoise Shell finish is the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen).
And also Ibanez RG's (my favourite is the RG2120XTB) and Gibson SG's
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SG's, jackson style V's and the Avenger. I'm not a strat person.

also the gibson GT series are pretty sweet
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She then turned away and whimpered.
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Fender Telecaster because its a rock n roll staple and unbeatable.

i agree it's a great guitar, but aren't you forgetting the Esquire? that was the first one. I'd say that Fender strats are the best. Versatile, playable, perfect design copied thousands of times but never equalled. In fact technically fender guitars are the best designed.
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I have read somewere on the internet that Gibson Les Pauls are getting it true?
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