I start my second semester of college tomorrow. Anyone else starting? Im a lil nervous. On break i couldent wait to go back. Also what are your colleges like. I go to a (TSTC) a local "technical" college. the people in my department are really laid back. It's cool as long as you dont mess around they treat you awesome.
Im going to college in 2 years, I plan on going to University of Texas Pan Am for my basics then to Berklee for the rest.
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I start in two days back at the community college. Mount San Antonio College in Southern CA.
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im going to IBC (International Business College) for graphic design. wanst thinking on going to college too much but they called me up for a tour and it seemd pretty cool and they can get me in and out in a year. got accepted around Oct. last year. so im kinda looking forward to it. Long ass drive not really but damn * in the morning and a 45+ minute drive. im not looking forward to that.
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I'm at University now doing some boring Computer Networking course.
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I'm planning on it. I'm moving mid-year to another school, and it might fuck up my credits, but we're trying to work something out where it won't. I really don't want to graduate late.

But I'm planning on going to college with a friend, dorm, have jobs in college, and move to Japan after we graduate. Returning home sooner or later.
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My brother just went back today, although he starts tomorrow. Hopefully he can improve his grades some.
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I go back to college in a week. I go to Northern Illinois University. Its a very fun place.
I got into Edinburgh the other day, chuffed, so I'll be starting there in September.

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I'm in a special program during my Senior year at high school called New Vision, where I take college classes from the local Community College while doing special rotations as a student teacher through the career tech program. I'm taking six courses (18 credits) for free. It's a really hard program to get into, but it rocks because I really want to be a teacher. It's also offered for medical, engineering, and law/govt.

I was also recently accpeted to SUNY Oneonta, where I will be going as a second semester Freshman next fall.
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