Hi, I am a beginner guitar player. I am looking for a guitar, and have to decide between a Fender Standard Stratocaster or an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I am not quite sure what to get. I know these guitars are for different playing styles. I mostly play Classic Rock, and am going to start blues soon. I know I need to play both before I try, but what one would you guys suggest?
the standard answer is that you really need to play both to see which you prefer, thats easily sortd by a quick trip to the guitar shop, but my personal opnion (note: opinion only) is fender, definitely, i find they feel so much nicer, more natural than epiphone les pauls.
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I just got a Strat and love it with a passion, definatly get one.
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Go with the Standard Strat, the Epi Les Paul's are dumb

^ He's an idiot.

Ok look, Epi LP = Humb, and cleans sounds a bit darkly... Fender Strat (SSS) have excelents cleans but if need a Humb take the HSS, it's all about you, blues.... i'll take SSS
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I have a Fender DVD and theres a tour of the Factory in California that makes American Strats. All of the employees were mexican. So American Strats are also Mexican Strats.
I'm definently a Fender man and in the debate between Fender and Epiphone there's no two ways about it, Fender wins. The only thing the Epi would be 'better' for would be metal, and even then it would only a take a couple tap-coil enabled hot rails to do that better than the Epi and keep the awesome blues and rock tone.

Ok, thanks guys. I was thinking the same. The guitar I am learning on right now is a cheap strat knock off (Westone Concord DX..whatever the hell that is). So I am already used to the body and the fretboard. I will probabaly go with the strat. But the question is now, what colour hehe. I am thinking maybe their arctic white?
very waynes world! i got black with a maple neck (very clapton, apparently), but now i wish i had gone with sunburst, ah well. not important.
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Go with the les paul it sounds fine for both types.
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i was in a similar situation and all i can say is go and play some.. i thought i wanted a strat.. walked into a shop as he put up a gibson sg.. had a play and now im knocking blues out of that.. so it really is your choice. but look second hand, coz i got a great deal on my sg that had only been played a couple of times
have fun anyway
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It's preference... try them out. The best advice will coe from the nerves in your hands when you play these things. What more is there to say in this thread?
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I think the srtat is better but if you would go for a EPI make sure that its made in korea.
Those are the ones that play and sound very good.