After around 1 year of saving, myself and the other 3 members of my band we have got a very professional studio set up. We each have jobs and we won 2 battle of the bands and the prize money went up to $1,000.


A very nicely sized room in my house that is very isolated from the rest of the house. We have it completely sound proofed and we have the acoustics perfect(we had to do this on our own, it took forever).

In the room we have a couch, 3 stools for me on bass, and our two guitarests, a mini-fridge full of energy drinks , and an Xbox 360 on a nice 20" LCD TV. A nice little station for writing lyrics and songs and to chat.


For writing, we have two decent Yamaha acoustic guitars and a Fender Acoustic Bass. And a dictionary/thesaurus combination book .

For recording we have a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. A fender active delux jazz bass, and for a drumset we have a Pearl ELX Fusion 5 Piece drumset with 6 zijidan cymbals.

For both of the guitar amps we have two SM57's, they work really nice! And an Audix kick drum microphone for the bass amp.

For recording the drums we have and an Audix Fusion 6 piece drum package. They work like a charm!

For recording vocals we have a Neuman BCM 705 dynamic microphoene. The best looking mic you can ever get, and good quality.


m audio project mix, this thing works amazingly well! it is the best piece of equipment i've ever used.

protools, for everything, greatest program you can use
avox, for tweaking vocals to make them sound perfect
ez drummer, this is just to but beats together and to get them "tabbed out, without actually having to tab them out".

And finally we have a Macbook Pro that was upgraded to 4gb, that's what i'm on right now, i bought this myself and it's my baby.

BUT That right there is what hardwork gets you. I will have a lot of recordings of covers coming up, we don't want to release any of our demo yet, it's not done being mastered.

I'll try to get pictures with my cellphone, but my cellphone takes crappy pics.
Nice, how did you soundproof it?
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Sounds like youre set to put out some good quality recordings, grats on achieving your goal!

I wish I could put a studio setup in my house, but alas,townhomes and neighbors.

I cant even have my 5150 home from my practice space since you can hear it down the block with the volume at 2.5
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Yeah, i'll post pics in a day or so and look on sweetwater for soundproofing, we bought a ton of soundproofing material from them.