how do i get that worn look on my guitar ? not as bad as srv's but sort of like that. by playin for a long time?

You can either gig and tour with it for 10 years, or just 'relic' it. Search here and google, there's threads like this everyday.

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i think of relicing a guitar artifically "cheating",but thats just me. so yeah just play a long time
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Yeah relicing a guitar is for posers. If you play long enough it will get like that when you deserve it.
Its worn because it has alot of history behind the guitar. Alot of shows played, maybe a few drops/scrapes with other equipment.
Artificially aging the guitar like that, in my opinion, is cheating. Those worn spots were put there by you on purpose, when you have an aged and road-worn guitar you usually have a story for every nick, scratch, and mark.

Just my thoughts.
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In my opinion, a guitar should be worn because of your constant playing, gigging, your girlfriend becoming jealous of your guitar and throwing it down the stairs, etc.

That's my opinion anyways. There's ways to make it look old and worn, but I really suggest doing it through time and history. You won't regret it.