My bridge hum's been dead for a while. I was wandering if i could fix it. basically, the only thing i can think of that could have messed it up is that i did unscrew one of the six screws halfway, and the wire that comes out of the hum got pulled a lot. But i tried pulling on the wire again while watching it and it barely moved. I did notice two wires twisted into one sticking out with silverish stuff on the end and not touching anything. It was coming out of where the wires are wound. Any suggestions?
And if i cant fix it, i might put in a spare single coil i got laying around. Think i should put it in? If so, can someone give me a wiring diagram on how to wire it?
I have a les paul style guitar by the way.
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Double check it is wired in properly first.

Do you have a multimeter? if so measure the DC resistance of the coils, if there is infinite resistance a coil is broken and the only way to fix it is a rewind.
Could be a few ways. If the pickups is really broken is could only be from a broken coil or the magnets losing there charge (unlikely). If it's not one of those i'm still going to suspect the wiring is the problem.
well if i turn it up loud, it still makes a sound, kinda distorted to, kinda like an old radio with a small speaker. But its very quiet
He just said check the wiring. He's actually waiting on you. Go open your guitar up, and look inside at the wiring, then report back.

And dont be a douchebag, expecting people to help will make them stay away.
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.... if you read, I said i checked the wiring..... and I guess I should've put "bump" instead of "well?", cause all I did is bump the thread.
There are a lot of reasons the coild could have gone dead. If you send it to me I will take a look at it and figure out what went wrong. Most likely you broke the windings. If it happend at the end of the coil it's an easy fix that I would do for free. If the problem is with the magnets then I could remagnatize them for free. If the coil needs rewound I'd do it for cost of materials.
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i just want to find out if one wire is loose or not... there is a wire that stick out of the humbucker that splits into two and is not covered, its the wire that goes around the coils, a piece of wire that sticks out of both coils and joins and then is not connected to anything, if I cant fix then i'm just not gonna worry about cause I plan to replace them sometime this year. But it still makes a faint sound when I play but produces a lot of hum
Still sounds like a broken coil even if it's making a faint sound. A picture of the wire your talking about would help, i'm having trouble visualizing what your saying.
I've tried to take a picture, but my camera's crappy so you cant make out anything...