I got bored and covered Killswitch Engage's My Curse and it seemed ok to me.
Tell me what u think and i'll crit one of yours...the quality can be bad at some times

Its in the music myspace
sounds good to me.
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yeah its a solid cover, nice job. not my type of music but youve definitely got it down. the dual guitars around 2 minutes in were pretty sick. keep up the good work.
well, i can't seem to be able to listen to this cover. But I was able to listen to Alisha's song and Trivium riffs. Holy crap, you are only 14?? That's amazing that you can play that well. I am quite impressed. I liked alisha's song. It was very musical and well played. The Trivium riffs, well, I don't like that kind of music, but you played it very well. Keep up the good work. And let us know when you are a little older and making it big time in music.

Crit mine please? You could crit any of the song on purevolume if you like. The following link is for Keep Away by Godsmack.
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i dont know the song but i think you did a pretty good job. i like your tone.. also nice recording quality.. and the fact that your only 14 is wow! next time play with a backing track..

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Flawless, I'm jealous of the pinched harmonics in the verse. I can never get them very strong
What did you record it with?
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wow wow wow this is great looove the tone you have! the beginning was good too but the only problem i have with is that its too dark sounding. i think it would sound better with a brighter sound like the original recording. but other then that this was pretty amazing! good job!

Sick pinch harmonics in the verse. That's my favorite part of this KsE song.

I do think though that when you have the double guitars at the end, you can clean up the palm muted part. It's a bit choppy.