For sale, my crate GT212 combo amp. Crate GT212 webpage

Owned since July 06, never gigged.

Only for sale due to the fact I'm joining the Army and will never be allowed to keep it with me - hell, from some of the stories in the paper, the amp will probably demolish half of the accomodation if run on full volume. Gonna get a decent 2-5W valve amp instead. If I can get this shifted, I can have a decent night on the lash before I sign my life away.

Asking £160 please, postage (if you like that sort of thing) will be at your expense - 2x12 combos are neither small nor light. Pickup from South Bucks area, M25 is about 5 miles away.


This has to go before the end of January. Reasonable offers accepted


Postage via Royal Mail Parcelforce will be in the region of £25-£30, depending on precise UK location


Sold pending cheque clearing
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will u ship to the US? if so how much in us dollars is the amp
My Gear:
Peavey Triple XXX
Im quite interested, does it come with the peddal?
(and im in uk, near liverpool)
Yeah, it comes with the footswitch and cable.

I'll ship to the US, but the amp weighs 50lbs, and like I said before, buyer pays for the postage.

£160 = $315
sorry but how much did it cost new...i cant be bothered to look
I'll take some pictures later - theres a link at the top that will take you to the Crate webpage with a picture on it

I payed £230-£240 for it (I can't quite remember) about 6 months ago, and the only time its left my room is when I moved house. Absolutely mint condition