I recently bought a fender american deluxe strat and have been playing it since mid september. I noticed that on the 3rd fret the bar is bent in. is this normal or am i doing something wrong? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am using the strings that came stock with the stratocaster. I dont think that I push down hard enough to do this to metal. Ive been playing guitar for about 4 yrs now and my first squire had this same problem.
bent in? dam, i guess its one of those normal wear and tear. I've never heard of that though, hehe. Its hard to bend those frets unless its not a solid structure where its made of a really cheap material
its goign to happen, and its the wood that changes that could make the frets uneven, you cant help it as far as i kno
It happens to my strat too, i think its just normal. If your worried about it maybe try getting lighter strings but I'm sure its not too big a deal because you can always just replace the frets if they ever get worn down too much.
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yeah its not that my frets are uneven its the sections under the string are scraped away and bent in a little. Does anyone no how much it costs to replace the frets?
changing frets shouldnt cost that much. I would go to a shop and let them do it, probably will set you around less than 30-50$ but I would get the best frets available

I heard stainless steels are good but they have some sound problems I guess, your guitar wont sound right. I'd get stainless steels when I change my frets, just for experiment.
I'm going to take a wild guess here: You play a lot of open chords, right?

Fretwear is normal and it will be most noticable in places where you play the most. Fretwear can be managed with a fretjob. For about $100 a technician will level and crown your frets, so they feel fresh again. Eventually the frets will wear out and become flat, but that normally takes years.

When they do wear out, there are two options available: have the neck refretted or buy a new neck. Buying a new neck may be cheaper than refretting the old one.

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im taking my strat into guitar center tommarow since its pratcially a new guitar do you think they can do anything about it.. or are they going to just tell me to get lost.
Stratocasters seem to get a lot of fret wear, i think its because of the medium frets on it. Most strats i see that have been played more than a year have fret wear like that.