im probably not gonna start this project for another year at least (money, and needa get to high school cuz they have the tools there i need.) it may seem pointless to ask a year before hand but i plan ahead. im gonna buy a blank but theres a couple things i dont quite understand. heres the link so you will know what im talking about clicky do you cut into the neck pocket to get rid of the wood in front of it to put the neck on? (hope you get what i mean) and how do i cover up the hole where the contorols will go? im completely lost. do i make another top for it to go over the body and i paint that? like i said im completely lost.
For the neck pocket, if you're buying the pre-routed blank, you have to measure out exactly how far the neck heel (flat part at the bottom) goes out from the edge of the pre-existing caivity on the blank. Then you have to cut to that point after you've gotten the body roughed out. For the holes for the controls, on this type of routing, you will have to use a Stratocaster-style pickguard.
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is there certtain positons the tuners ave to be in. like a certain distance between each tuner? these are probably obvious questions but i dont wanna screw up a 200 some dollar neck. also does warmoth cut the knut?and how do i know where to place the bridge?