aight, my friend just got one and i hooked it up the second day he had it.. we were sending the guitar from the pedal to the computer through the usb cable. everything was going fine for about 3 hours. we were recording and everything until the monitor went into sleep mode and every time we went to restart it, unplug everything, hit f8 a million times, just about everything i tried it. i even checked the hard drive to see if the hard drive died and nothing worked.. thus i figured the motherboard or the processor had died. and i was exactly correct i believe. anyways. the minimum requirements for the pedal are a 1.2 Ghz processor, and the one i installed it on had a 1.28 (celeron) i believe.... how could it mess it up? heh.. now he has a 2.80(pentium) it should work fine eh?

also is there a way to record the guitar tracks without the dry in the background... and if there is a way to do that could you please direct me to the page in the book heh...

please don't post about how he should of gotten a boss.. i would of gotten a boss but he is a sevendust fan and he likes the sevendust sound so there was nothing i could do. i'm getting a boss one soon..
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