What are the best movie soundtracks, soundtrack so not theme songs they have like singing and stuff, anyway here are some....

Rocky - eye of the tiger
Armagedon - dont want to miss a thing
Titanic - you know
Grease - summer lovin
Live and Let Die - live and elt die
The Bodyguard - cant remember what its called

anyway what are some others
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The 1996 Romeo and Juliet flick. Radiohead plays 2 songs on it
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The Cooperation
The Mission.

Most beautiful music i've ever heard.
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Vanilla Sky, Life Aquatic, Mysterymen, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Dumb and Dumber, and more that I'm forgetting at the moment...
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tenacious D and the pick of destiny soundtrack, greatest soundtrack ever
I like the LOTR soundtrack. Whenver the I play Battle for Middle Earth II I set it so it plays the music louder so I can hear it.
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