Okay so lots of people are making threads about the ultimate bass. Instead of just naming something that already exists, design it!

Look at this for an example (its what I would have)

30" scale
Hipshot Bass Xtender
Ebony Fretboard, 2 octave
Maple Neck, Neck-Through

Hipshot A-Style Bridge
Ash Body

Seymore Duncan Jazz Bass Pickups (Active)

Blue-ish Sunburst (you get it)

And please don't just post something just like "Fender." What kind of Fender? And even with that, everyone wants to do something different like put in different pickups.
-35" Scale (5 string bass with low B)
-Hipshot tuners
-Medium frets
-5 piece maple/bubinga neck
-Maple fretboard, 24 frets
-Extremely carved heel a la Peavey Cirrus
-Headstock similar to that on an Ibanez SRX

-Mahogany wings/bubinga top (over the entire top)
-Body shape similar to that of the Ibanez EDB

-Bartolini MM pickup in bridge position (about 1.5 inches closer to the bridge than on a Stingray)
-Bartolini soapbar in neck position
-Active electronics with 4-band eq, as on a Bongo
--Edge-mounted Neutrik locking jack

-Natural oil finish

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