okay. im bored with everything i'm playing lately. and it's like getting on my nerves, seems like everything i play just makes me go EHH. suggest a song for me please. to give you an idea of my like skill i can play the stairway to heaven intro, wish you were here, first half of dust in the wind and other stuff. im not great, but im not bad.
Okay, so it's probably not your style at all, and it's detuned, which doesn't seem what you like - but i get a rush out of playing these - try black dahlia murder, darkest hour, See you next tuesday(not on ultimate-guitar - www.myspace.com/seeyounexttuesday) But seriously - You may not think metal's going to help your style or anything... but it will. Just try. My suggestions -
August Burns Red - Barbarian (will help with timing)
Seneca - THe Best Theory A human being has ever devised - should be on here tonight, i submitted it today, it's getting reviewed - you have to have guitar pro, though)
Black Dahlia Murder - Contagion/Funeral Thirst
Darkest Hour - Pathos(acoustic)
Darkest Hour - Ethos (acoustic)
Darkest Hour - Sound The Surrender/Convalescence
green day sounds great and it`s easy to play;
good riddance,macys,when i come around etc...

if u wanna play high quality music,try some blues.
start with johnny be good or any rock `n`roll shit first.. or just take some blues lessons on UG.