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i really wish i could afford this right now. but at the moment my job is sucking. i'm going to start looking for a new one tomorrow. anyways..... /spam

I got new pickups for my guitar a few weeks back. About 4 days ago now, I was playing and this terrible noise came out. It only happened when I had my hand in front of one of the pickups. The sound was this terrible feedback like sound, with a weird hiss underneath it. Basically...it sounded like a giant whistle and somebody blowing in your ear at the same time.

I checked out the guitar wiring to make sure I did everything right. Looked off the schematic I used. Everything was right, grounding, etc. The next step I took was I plugged my amp into a different outlet. The same outlet, just the bottom plug instead of the top. Voila! the sound ceased. Anyways...to my question, could my amp not be grounding rignt?

I guess what I mean is, when I unplugged it I moved it a bit. Well in moving it the wiring might have been josseled and got a better/improved connection. Or...does it seem like the outlet i've been using is jacked up?
Hmm, that is a bit strange, the only time I've had really bad feedback is with an Epiphone Les Paul, sitting to the side of its amp, that was cranked up really loud, and with a Squire Bullet (because those single coil pickups to me just plain suck).

I wouldnt know whats going on, but if it works, then thats good, lol.
It'd be useful to know what sorta amp it is and stuff

EDIT: Just checked your rig in your sig, lol