I'm looking for an octave pedal to make my guitar to sound like a bass. My budget would be for anything 65 dollars or under. I saw a Boss Octave OC-2 on eBay, which looked pretty good. Any suggestions?
mxr blue box maybe?
probably not that versatile with octaving tho
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An octave won't really give you the thundering sound of a bass. It's cool, and makes your guitar sound lower, but it just doesnt give that "thump" that a bass does. Try the OC-2 and see if you like it. Great pedal with a lot of options.
Is the Danelectro Chili Dog Octave any good? Because if not the OC-2, i might get that.
I aggree. If you want a bass sound, you really kinda hafta get a bass. Or, you could get my dream guitar: a double neck, 1 5 string bass and 1 string string guitar with HSH pu's and a floyd rose. Mmmm.