I have a m audio mobile pre usb interface and when I record my voice it is deeper than how i actually sounded. I know this isn't just the way im hearing it, it's quite noticeable. Even the guitar ends up a little deeper sounding once miced and recorded. I use this interface along with adobe audition. What could be the problem? Oh, also I am using a mxl condensor mic and it gets the phantom power from the usb interface.
lol im a noob whos never touched a recording interface but cold you have the bass turned up too high? eh... sorry im such a noob it probly doesnt even have settings like amps...
how is that interface? i almost bought it today
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Sounds like maybe a soundcard issue with your speakers?? Ive used my mobilepre on Audition for over a year now and it's worked flawlessly.

Could be the mic as well, but i'd have to think it's not the interface
I think that's just how recording works. Also, your voice is going to be tons deeper. That's just how everyone hears their voice. I myself have a deep voice, and didn't know just how low I was talking until just a few weeks ago when my friend was annoying me with his camera/video phone.
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You didn't specify if "deeper" was an issue of pitch or an issue of frequency response.

If your recordings are being pitch shifted down ward, you have a problem with your soundcard / sample rate setting. Make sure you are recording at 44.1Khz.

If you are just getting a lot of bass in your recordings, this is normal. You are probably recording with a cardiod microphone and therefor experiencing the proximity effect. The closer you get to the mic, the more bass you will have with a cardiod mic. So back up from the mic some and your problems should go away somewhat.

I typically record my electric guitars on 10 (volume), but with the bass around 0-2 using a Rivera Knucklehead. The electric guitar sound on your favorite records does not have that much low end.

While the recordings being deeper is strange, can't it easily be counteracted with EQing afterwards? Just cut down the bass with a graphic EQ in Audition... (This is all assuming, of course, that when you say "deeper", it's an issue of frequency response, as brandondrury mentioned.)