I'm getting a schecter c1+ and I wanted to get some new pick ups to replace the duncan designed pick ups that they have, but i have no idea what pick ups to get. I was thinking dimarzio brand because they have good quality i hear but what pickups will give me really good clean and then really good distortion?
anyone's suggestions would be much appreciated and thanks in advance.
i have a c1 classic (almost the same thing as the c1 plus). I put Zakk Wylde EMGs into it. (EMG set 85 + 81). Really good, really warm clean sound and a screaming distorted sound. if you have an extra $200, go for it.
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Why don't you just get a C1 Classic that has the Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups. They have great cleans and take well to OD and Distortion. Dimarzios are fine for Distortion but the cleans aren't that good, too harsh.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

ya if your buying a brand new guitar, find one with the pickups you want already in it
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