our influences are no fun at all, pennywise, bigwig, etc... our music is based on fast palm muttings and fast drum beats...

reckless o.s. myspace
"...lost inside your mind in a time when everything was fine, so long ago (so long ago), it slipped away (it slipped away), you said it wouldn't hurt you, but it was stronger than you, so much stronger than you thought..."
It'll be fun once you get people to go to the shows (considering the beats)

This stuff is reminiscent to that pulley ..... or ... Your name , satanic surfers. Why didn't i see that? Anyway , have fun.
I really like you guys!

You have some awesome catchy tunes and the singer is pretty cool. The only thing I didn't like was the drumming but it's not the worst drumming i've heard either. Not bad for a band from Mexico anyway. I'll add you guys, good luck!

Peace. =)