Ok i need a little bit of help with changing keys can anyone help??? Say im play a 1-6-2-5 in the key of C how to i know how to change keys from that structure??
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what key do you want to go to? the most common way is adding a secondary dominant. say in this case you wanted to go to G. you would play a D major, not minor, and then a G and then start playing stuff in G. the reason you do this is because D is the 5th of G and the F# in the D maj chord is the leading tone in the G major scale so it provides a good transition. do you know theory or not really? if not that might be really confusing.
depends on what key you want to change to, but there are a LOT of ways to do this regardless of the key you are going to change to.
well im just learning theory and i get what your saying a little but but at the same time i am a little confused about f# being the leading tone in G can you explain that a little more and give me the reason behind what a leading tone is. I am just starting with thoery to make my music more structured. If you can help me i really appreciate it, thank you and hope to hear back from you or you guys. To wenny how are there many ways of doing this????
The leading tone kind of causes tension that has to be resolved. If you look at a G major scale you have G A B C D E F#. The reason you would play a D major in your case instead of a D minor is because in the key of G, which you are switching to, the 3rd of D is f#. Play a D chord and then a G. See how the G kind of completes it? The reason is the F# in D is resolved by the G in the G chord.
if you wanna change keys, i find using the circle of fourths and fifths the easiest way
ok well i play a 1-6-2-5 progression in C and thats C-Am-Dm-G now when i want to change keys instead of going from Dm to G i sohuld go to D the G??? I have tried this and it doesnt sound as though it fits but maybe thats because of the leading tone that you say has tension kindof like a 7 chord.Any advice??try it yourself and tell me how you feel about it, also im playing bar chords with this not open chords but you can do either.