Alright. In no way is this thread ment to be harmful to anyones computers. It's simply an educational thread, for you to try out stuff, and have fun, and learn how to do new things. No one should post anything that can harm anyones computer without being very clear that it can. If you are to post something dangerous, modify it so that we need to change something so that it works so that we don't do anything bad by accident.


Lets say that "destroy c drive" was a harmful code, upon posting, change it to "destroy (REMOVE THIS FIRST) c drive"

This thread was inspired by the "Cool things your computer can do" thread. Cause it's cool.

I'm trying to learn about .bat viruses now but the internet is filled with too many questions and not enough anwsers...

Anyone know why it's usually "@echo off" and not "on"... and I want to learn about how to open a file using the .bat virus only after the first thing has been stopped... like stages.

This thread doesn't only have to be about .bat files... anything works... just please follow the only rule because it can get pretty nasty.
I always wondered, you know how programs like AVG Virus protector auto-update? Would it be possible for someone to make up a virus and upload it onto the programs updating server thing, disguised as a real update?
no...lets not

Regardless of how many warnings you put up, you'll still get some dimwit that will actually do it, so why bother?

Why do you want to know how to destroy someone's computer anyway? How does that benefit you or anyone else?

This is how bad things start.

As for echo

echo "phrase" will print a phrase on the screen
echo on will display commands from the .dat file to the screen
echo off will disable the display of commands from the .bat file
@ hides commands


@echo on
echo "Test"
dir c:\

will display

C:\>echo "Test"
C:\>dir C:\
--blah blah blah--
--contents of C:\ drive--[/b]

echo off supresses the C:\>echo "test" and C:\dir C:\ and the removal of the @ will result in C:\>echo off being the first line
Does not compute, does not compute!!!
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