whats the difference between using a recording interface (m uadio fastrack) and simply plugging the guitar into the line in jack on the computer?
thanks in advance
its different cuase a line in isnt really supposed to be used for recordin guitar and unless your computer comes with a decent soundcard your quality from the recordings gonna suck balls, an interface like the m-audio fastrack pro which i bought (id highly recommend it for semi serious recordings) is specially designed for recordin and helps preserve the quality of your recordin also this paticular interface comes with drivers which prefusimg your computer is fast enough eliminate latency or rather that annoyin space of time from you hit the string till the sound comes out your speakers so basically if you want half decent recordings buy an interface if your only messing around with one or two riffs theres not much point so its up to you which suits you better
Terrible soundcards (like the one that probably came with your computer) has terrible latency (so if you were recording with headphones, there would be a delay) and has terrible conversion (from analog to digital).

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