So today, I buy a concession card under the impression that I'm allowed because I'm in school still, cause my friends told me so. So I get on, and I get to a station and these train guys get on and ask for my ticket. I show it to them, and they tell me that I'm in the wrong because I don't have what they call a concession card, to prove that you can get a concession ticket. So the guy writes me up and I ask him what's going to happen, he says "We're going to send it to an office and they'll decide," So I go "Okay, what's the max I can get fined" he told me $150.

I know I'm in the wrong, but what pisses me off is the fact that I was able to purchase one off a bus driver. Connex (the train company) hardly did anything to prevent me from buying this ticket and I feel rooted now, the only thing I saw preventing me from buying was a billboard that said "Concession Travel Is For Concession Card Holders" I loled because this was after all the dust had cleared, It was also in a station in the city so a majority of commuters would be going towards the sign after they purchased a ticket and not at their regular station.

So have you been fined in trouble with the law or been knocked down a peg by a henchman of "The Man"?

The last time "the man" wrongfully brought me down..my mom took them to court and we won...yay lol
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I wish I knew what you were talking about.

Yeah... all I could gather is that you were screwed by a man on a train... or something...
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I wish I knew what you were talking about.

Well, I got fined for something, for something that was encouraged rather than prevented by the public transport system and now I'm getting fined for it.

I pooped.
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Ya, i was once in a car that got pulled over for accelerating through a yellow light. Cops in my town will pull you over for anything...
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are you from melbourne? if you didn't understand the concession system you should have asked someone at the station or just bought a regular ticket. i know they are too expensive but that's just how it is.
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$50 j walking ticket going to lunch across the street from school.

Do cops really have nothing better do to than hide in a parking lot?

Jaywalking is the stupidest citation ever. i get that it's technically dangerous/illegal, but sometimes the streets dead empty and the next crosswalk is half a block over/the light won't ever turn green. but fortunately they don't cite that much around these parts heh.

maybe in Alaska there's not much else to do besides watch snow fall...and cite jaywalkers.
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It's obvious to what happened to this fellow. He gave the ticket man but lets call him 'Bob', a so-called 'blowie' behind the buses. So he is now going to be punished by the judical system.

Sad, but a regular occurance.
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Yeah... all I could gather is that you were screwed by a man on a train... or something...

I lol'd

Seriously though, what?
I got pulled over because I had no headlights and my windshield was covered in ice, what's this world coming too....