Okay, i was wondering if I can also use my Home theater reciever at home as guitar amps as well. Can you?

There is a "Phone" connector but i think thats for Phone Out. But my other receiver has really large speakers, like those you see on like a concert and I was wondering if you can use them as an amp substitute? I dont know why I'd want to but its just a question
I did it and it sounded sweet because it added the surround effect with the Sub Woofer. Just Dont Blast it.

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maybe I should try that. One last thing. Can you also plug in your guitar directly to a headphones without plugging it to an amp? Like, plug the 1/4 inch cable to ur amp then the other end to an adapter that would let you plug it in your headphones? or how about plug in an adapter to ur headphones to make it 1/4 inch instead of 3.5mm and no need for an amp?
you can get headphone amps very cheaply for headphone practice, as for Hi-Fi systems i wouldnt do that without a DI box.
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I've done that with my mini hifi,and it sounds VERY bassy.
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I had a Behringer Vamp-2 and hooked it up to my stereo system, sounded good. I think you can do this with a POD too but I've never tried, I'm sure someone here will tell you if you can.
Did it with my home theater, sounds very distorted and muddy, not reccomended. Use your amp, they are built for that.
Quote by Legion(Viktis)
Did it with my home theater, sounds very distorted and muddy, not reccomended. Use your amp, they are built for that.

In your case I think you're better off using your home theater
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I wouldn't recomend it, a friend of mine does that, and he insists that it sounds as good or better than a real amp. Since then he blew the speakers at half vol. and all I hear is fuzz now.
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