i recently got this program and i started using it, one problem, the sound is screwed, it wont play any sound at all, can any one help me with this? also, are there any trainers on guitar pro 5? i have that as well
I finally got my gear!

Squier Deluxe Series Satin Trans Double Fat Strat
Roland Cube 15
cool theres guitar pro trainer? I have to try that. I was having troubles figure out what everything does hehe and how to make wat not

Edit: oh speed trainer hehe. Cool cool, i guess I can also use this......

I have a question, ima hijack this thread but ye. my question is.......... can you get regular tabs and download them to guitar pro? the guitar pro stuff has bass and drums and stuff like that and thers none that is only for a guitar like the guitar tabs you see in this website.
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