I'm a hell noob at guitar so i was just lookin through the lessons on UG and ive been going through the page:


But I got stuck halfway down at:

| -1h2-------------------------------------------------2p1---------|

What do the h's and p's mean and how do you play this.

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yeah hy is hammer on when you play the note normally fretting the first note then tap down with your left hand finger without plucking the string. pullofs are just play the first note and then using your left hand pull off that note while fretting the second note below it
sorry if that made no sense
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To pulloff from 2 to 1, have your middle finger on the 2nd fret and your index on the 1st fret right behind it. Then take off your middle finger, but rather than just lifting straight up, dig under the string a little first, so that when you snap your finger up, the string rings.
yea, or else you'll dampen the sound to the point of basicly doing a muted tap pull off , lol... Like I used to do for years before learning teh pr0p0rz wiz to doz diz! TAKE A SHIZ, U BIZnitch!... ok, that last part was pointless .
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