Ok, I can preaty much form any major or minor chord u throw at me, including the barred forms... but what I can't seem to do with some of them is to get all the strings to ring out.

I know you get this question a lot (I know, I've searched)... but what I havn't found is the answer to a specific question here:

Right now, I'm specifficly dealling with one of the basic forms:

Fifth-String-Root Barre Chords

And even more specificly the A Major barre chord.

I can get it to sound all notes if I use the index to barre and the other 3 fingers to get the 3 higher frets... but if I just use my ring or pinky finger to try and barre those 3 higher frets along with barring all 5 strings below that, usually I mute the B and/or the high e string.

Beyond practicing a whole lot on this (I just introduced myself to practicing this, even though I've known of it and how to form it for a long while now), what can I do to really nail this form using just my index and pinky/ring fingers to "double barre" (as I call it) this form?

btw, the book+DVD that I'm using is GUITAR WORLD's "Ultimate Rock: how to play rock" dvd(other wize known as play rock guitar! dvd)
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keep practicing, use your index finger to play the root note, and then barre the whole fret, then use your middle, ring and pinky to properly fret the rest of the strings. It takes lots of practice to strengthem your fingers to do so. Try rolling your index finger sort of on its side a bit, it is a flatter surface there and it might make practicing easier.

Keep it up,

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That I can already do easily enough.

It isn't really my index finger that's the major problem. It's when I start trying to a "double-barre" with my pinky (or ring, but working with the pinky currently). I'm pressing hard enough to cause pain in my pinky at times... which I know is bad form. But I can't reall figure out how to possition my pinky on those 3 strings (D, G, and B) without muting either or both the B and the high E...
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maybe lower your thumb a tiny little bit lower on the back of the neck which might allow you to get a better arc on your wrist? also, for what it's worth my instructor has told me it's ok to mute the high e on the 5th position barres, (though i am doing my best to let them ring by trying to keep my ring finger off the high e.
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Cool... can you think of any instances in which you actually do use all five strings? Anyone managed to get this sorta thing down other than Andy Aledort (guitar magazine writer, tab transcriber, and teacher on 3 of the guitar world DVDs I have (hardrock/heavy metal, blues, and ultimate rock). Hmm...
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Its possible, though difficult (and much more easily accomplished on a nice, low action electric) to pull off a two finger barre with your index and ring but I find it more efficient to finger it like:
3 - Index
---5 - Ring
---5 - Middle
---5 - Middle
3 - Index
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"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me