I once saw one a while back at the local guitar shop, unfortunetly i didn't have the money or the means to buy it... but now I'm looking for one. the only thing is that i can't even find any information about getting an orange finish

i saw a picture of a custom jetking II with a trans orange finish and a bigsby, but i'm just looking for a standard model (plus i'm pretty sure the one I saw had a solid orange finish)

does anyone have any info on this orange Jetking II or just any info on how to find/ order one?

thanks a bunch
The Jetking and Jetking II are discontinued guitars by Ibanez... and they're totally badass. If you can find one in some shop somewhere it's worth it to buy it and have it refinished or try to find one on eBay... either way you should try to get one.

And yes, I am biased.
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get them while their hot.

i got a jtk1 new for 200 AUS which is an absolute steal

if i can find a 2nd hand jetking II for a nice price ill take that too

the super 58 pickups are legendary.
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has anyone else seen an orange on though? most of the time i just see the sunburst finish... i also know the the cream finish is also very rare... are there any other rare finishs?