does anyone wanna help me write a song

this is what i have so far i like the first part but am at ablock to anything after the first verse

Verse 1:
I stare out the window
into the dark and lonely night
i see the reflection
of my bed in the light
an impression on the pillow
from where your head lied
i imagine the sheets are warm
like your by my side

I go back to
everyword you said
they hurt so bad
that they are stuck in my head
all of them were true
you never said one lie
in all the time you were
by my side

but a few questions
are in the back of my head
one of them maybe being
a lie that you said
did you really love me
did you honestly mean it
or were they words you said
when i just didnt get it

Tell me what did I do
To deserve a life without you
Tell me how to go on
with my life

Verse 2:

go to the songwriting and lyrics forum, but for now these lyrics are good, apply the structure and the themes in a different way to a second verse and you will have quite a reasonable song, except for the repetition of the idea of the head which would only work if you put the head into the first part as well
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