I read up on it on harmonycentral.com, and it seems to be a pretty solid guitar after a pickup change. but i'm wondering though, from the prices ($200-400) listed there is it a low-end guitar? i'm looking to get my 2nd guitar and i've been looking into the jacksons. Anyway, I have a JSX-94 Concept that a friend of a friend is selling for about $280 (CDN, which i'm kinda suspicious of, that's like paying 180 USD i'd think. aren't CDN prices blown up quite a bit after import taxes?), should I get it? or should I just wait out and get a dinky?

Never heard of that guitar... If you're after a cheaper Jackson, look into JS-30 series, those are very good for the price.
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Jackson Concept series were only made in 1994 I believe. They are similar to the lower level Professional series guitars, the EX Pro I think. Either way I've played one of these and I thought it wasnt bad at all. It cant really be considered a low end guitar and blows a JS-30 out of the water. If you can ask to play it for a while to see if you like it.
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