I need some help doing some coursework. Im dislexic and crap at maths (donno why i have to do it). Anyone good at statistics

b) The following table shows the number of employees of a major manufacturing company that were absent for a single day during February of last year:

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Total
Number of Absentees 121 87 87 91 114 500

(i) Find the frequencies expected under the hypothesis that the number of absentees is independent of the day of the week. (3)
(ii) Test (using the -test), at the 5% level, whether the difference in the observed and expected values are significant.

The answer is 4. Use the distributive property of equality of multiplication??? Then you divide by the square root of the radian. Then you plug that into the quadratic formula, factor, set both equal to zero, and there you go. 4!
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Number one is 100

I'm not too sure about two but i think you just see if the results are over 105 of under 95, and because they are you say "yes the difference is significant"