Hey everyone I'm buying a new amp and I don't know what to get i've got like a 550 dollar budget going on here, And Ampeg is to exspensive, I tried som Gallien-krueger backline shit, that was horrible, and I don't know, Right now i found a 180 dollar Fender Bxr100 Its a small little combo but that peaked my intrest very well, I'd wanna know if anyone knows somthing i could get, or if they could tell me about the Fender Bxr100. I dunno. I play 5 String Dean Edge, in a Progressive / rock / metal band. and at our shows We are going to be run through PAs so haveing millions of watts won't matter, and I also play Solo Bass / Ambient style, and Its solo so i'm not all that loud there either i dunno help ?

Oh this is my Progressive / rock / metal band I gett off time a little bit in the recordings but in my defensive i had a huge cut on the tip of my index finger on my left hand so i couldent use it very much at all.