So I have an Ibanez GRX70, a Marshall 30dfx, I use a Digitech death metal pedal () for distortion. The thing is my pickups ar stock pickups, I get a fckin horrible clean sound and I'v decided to change those bastards. So I need crystal clear cleans, and the distortion can't go wrong too. Thinking about Seymour Duncan Distiortion pickups (I need the for the bridge only). What do you think? Any suggestions? (A fan of S.O.A.D, Limp Bizkit, Muse so I want a familliar sound)
Another really good pickup combo is SD Distortion in the bridge and a DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck. I find the Air Nortons clean tones amazing, and for leads its utterly amazing, at least to me.

Edit: I seen where you said you were only looking for a bridge pickup... in that case go for a JB... the clean tones on the Distortion aren't all that great.
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hhmm, maybe a JB or distortion in the bridge and a '59 or jazz in the neck

Can't afford 2 pickups, One humbucker in the bridge pos would be great.
I don't want new pickups on the neck at all, coz my amp gets distored when clean on high volumes anyway. (weak bass)

BTW what is JB? full name plz.
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I've heard good things about the Dave Mustaine designed pickups. Seymour Duncan Live Wires I think. Also can't go wrong with EMGs.
I'v listened and compared the samples of sh4 (JB) and sh6 (distortion) pickups. Well to me, the distortion ones sounds much better.... I like that metal shred sound
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You have a horrible amp, that's the root of your problems...not the pickups. Invest in a decent amp first, then you'll be in a position to tell if you need to shell out on pickups too. If you get pickups with your current rig you'll be sorely disappointed by the lack of improvement.
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