sorry if this is the wrong place...but I'm looking to get a rage against the machine album and was just wondering which is the best?
If your looking for shear ferocity I dont think you can beat their self titled debut. But The Battle Of Los Angeles and Evil Empire both have alot of great songs, so IMO you could get any one of their albums and not be disappointed
Battle Of Los Angeles.
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Evil Empire is good stuff. But the Battle of Los Angeles is pretty neat too.
I doesn't matter which one you get. Once you listen to one, you have to listen to the rest.
The self titled album is absolutely spot on, for a follow up Battle of LA is a close second.

Every album is pretty damn good actually.
don't get rengades of funk - it's crap, but everything else by rage is gold dust
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I only have Battle of LA, and it's awesome.

next time use the RATM thread in the Modern Rock forum.
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The first was amazing. The second was good. The third was ok and Renegades was terrible. Buy them in that order.
I loved them all (renegades was awesome) but the best was the self titled.
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My favourite is their self titled, but Evil Empire and Battle Of Los Angeles are awesome too.

By the way, wrong forum mate. Post it in Bands & Artists next time
yeah sorry for posting in the wrong place, but my original post was RIGHT at the end of the lesson, just as everyone was about to pack up, so I quickly had to post it in the first place I saw.

but yep thanks for the help. I think I'm gonna go with their self-titled first, then continue from there
Renegades and self titled.

renegades is my fave i think =]
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rage against the machine...
By only seeing the cover-picture you will choose rage agains the machine
Self-titled, every song on there is brilliant, Killing In The Name, Wake Up, Freedom, Bullet In The Head, Bombtrack, Know Your Evenemy, top stuff.
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