what do you think of them?

Do you think they are worth it?

Im thinking of getting one along side my new pc so that all music and documents are run off it, so games and applications are run off pc HDD.

was wandering if anybody else has it set up like this and if so, how does it run?
yep, and it's fine
slightly slower than usual, but fine for documents etc.
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I have a 40gig one for school. Works great! But if you want more storage, you'll have to use an external power source, which sucks. You'd be better off buying an internal one in that case.
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Sure. I mainly use it for backing up my music about once a week and stockpiling porn which i'll most likely never watch again.

It's pretty slow when copying huge files, just over 1GB per minute, so keep that in mind. You can't use it for things that require fast access to large amounts of data. But it works fine for music and videos and such.
I'm planning on getting a firewire one soon. Those are a wee bit faster. Im trying to hold out untill I get a tera byte HD for my Pc, because those thigns are expensive.
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u actually can get a external for 10 bucks more than an internal. if u are computer savy, just buy an internal (cheaper than ext.) and buy an external casing, and assemble it yourself, casings are from 10-50 bucks, or just wait for a good deal, a good price on an external is .50cents (american) per gigabyte, so if u want a 300, don't pay more than 150 or you're getting ripped, look at newegg.com they have good deals
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I have a 250GB Dell one. As someone pointed out, it does run on an external power source and that does suck. It's also quite slow on copying files, although my 6-year old Sony VAIO laptop is the main reason for it being so. LOL, it takes my Sony VAIO laptop about 10 minutes to recognize its existence when connected to my computer. I use mine for backing up my music/videos etc. However, the main reason why I bought it was to backup my University work as my laptop kept crashing (being 6 years old and all and over 3Kg! with a maximum disposable 18GB!!). At first, I kept getting a Blue Screen of Death because at the time of my laptops' introduction, laptops didn't recognize the existence of a 250GB external drive, let alone a 50GB hard disk. I had to update my bios and now it works fine.
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Yeah, mine is a normal drive in an external enclosure. It's cheaper that way.
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